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Fan Expo Dallas

Hello everyone,

The last few weeks I have been working on creating more new items to bring to Fan Expo Dallas, I have a few pictures to add here to show off some of the things you can come see this weekend! June 3rd – 5th at the Dallas Convention Center.

There are a lot of other new items but these are some of the ones to give you a taste of what will be out to see.

Bracelet4in1BeadsBG BraceletInvertedSpiralPY BraceletJapaneseLacePG

OtherJapaneseBallsBPGYNecklaceRivoliPower2in2Blue EarringsGrapesRainbow

EarringsShaggyBeadsBP EarringsShaggyBeadsGC EarringsShaggyBeadsPS

I love anime, playing RPGs, and raiding in WOW. Chainmail jewelry is my passion. I'm rather shy, but love to kid around. Won't you let me make something awesome for you?

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